System Automation


LAMAC’s methodology was born from a systemic need for system automation change planning.  As executives, we saw an increasing number of technology products and automation initiatives abandoned because users were unwilling or unable to adopt. Users blamed the technology’s design, functions, features and workflow for their own resistance to change.   As we dug deeper into our own failed technology initiatives, we found a lack of change planning to be the root cause.  Competing executive objectives, inactive sponsorship, suppressed project managers and an overwhelming amount of organizational change saturation left employees’ heads spinning.   Our mission was to combine project management and change management into a single approach by aligning executive teams, empowering program teams and treating users as clients of change. 


Our primary system automation services are:


  • Needs assessment
  • Current to future system gap analysis
  • Use cases or user stories
  • User experience mapping
  • Hardware requirements
  • Defining system architecture
  • UAT and Pilot testing strategy
  • Cloud strategies
  • System resiliency strategies
  • Consultation on development team requirements
  • Assistance with hiring contract developers
  • Team management
  • QA process
  • Incident tracking
  • Change request tracking and prioritization
  • Feedback management
  • Managing crowd-sourced efforts
  • QA
  • Incident tracking
  • Change request tracking and prioritization
  • Feedback management
  • Future release road mapping
  • Audit and controls
  • Maintenance and feedback loops


A set of guiding principles for program.

  • Business case review
  • Executive alignment
  • Executive sponsor coaching
  • Project team creation
  • Change team selection
  • Project planning
  • Change planning
  • Budgeting planning
  • Risk identification
  • Program tracking system
  • Performance metric tracking system
  • Risk management tracking system
  • Project management
  • Projects controls
  • Budget management
  • Feedback management
  • Executive change coaching
  • Sponsor change coaching
  • Resistance management counsel
  • Communication plan execution
  • Training plan execution
  • Stakeholder management
  • Celebration of key milestones
  • Lessons learned
  • Audit and controls
  • Transition of program