LAMAC® offers project management consulting, strategic initiative training and Project Management Office optimization services.  Our primary Project Management services are:

Business Case

Business Case

Business cases contain the reasoning for initiating a project and desire to convince a decision maker to take action by securing funding and executive or board commitment.

Budget Management

Budget Management

Time-cost tradeoff validation through continuous forecasting, team updates and project scope monitoring.

Project Charter

Project Charter Design

Defining the project objective, scope and participants and their designated roles and responsibilities.

Task Management

Task Management

Activity identifications, including durations, resources assigned and predecessor and critical path management.

Team and Vendor Management

Team and Vendors

Conducting a staffing analysis and tying staff to detailed schedules. Facilitating vendor selection, onboarding and rules of engagement.

ROI Modeling

ROI Modeling

Project performance modeling used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or to compare the efficiency of a number of different investments.

Workflow Structure

Workflow Structure

Identifying work phases, deliverables, and activities.

Risk Management

Risk Management

Establishment of monitoring and control processes, overall procedures, standard reports and audit metrics to govern the project and mitigate project risk.



Side-by-side planning solutions 

Our teams are trained and certified in both project management and change management tools, methodologies and approaches. Our Project Management coaches are required to be PMP® certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI®) and change certified by Prosci®. We have and continue to be the client. LAMAC® executives have sponsored numerous initiatives and know what it is like to build a business case for change and drive and support their case through to project completion.

Project Management software and technology support:

• Project Management software training

• Project Management software data entry

• Updating files on websites, shared drives and databases

• On location guidance, support and expertise in PM tools


Institutionalizing Practices

Leading organizations have begun shifting their focus from applying project planning and change management on a project level to integrating organizational strategic management capabilities and competencies into their corporate culture. Our Change in Motion™ Strategic Initiative Training builds the foundation for institutionalizing strategic project strategies and making change adoption a seamless and formalized organizational principle. This Training program shares the latest methodologies, research, systems and approaches for enterprise-wise project management.

Our Certified Training Facilitators ensure that there is a common language and consistent approach used by the entire team. All stakeholders are welcome to participate in Training from project team members to managers, executive sponsors and even customers.


Building a Team

An internal Project Management Office (PMO) is a team or department within an organization tasked with maintaining Project Management standards of operating, quality control and success metrics for all strategic initiatives. LAMAC® works with organizations to create or optimize a Project Management Office. With our help, you can drive continuous improvement and establish lessons learned which ensure that project management becomes a strategic competitive advantage.

Some of the benefits that you can achieve are:

• Project portfolio economies of scale and repetition

• Consistently meeting your Return on Investment (ROI) and project objectives

• Establishing a strategic initiative center of excellence

• Cost control through centralization of enterprise-wide project budgets

• Team building and cross-functional synergies that inspire creativity and innovation