Outsourcing and Offshoring

gear   Aligning vendor and partner relationships

There are numerous reasons to outsource.  Your organization might be going global, reducing costs or searching for an external service provider with expertise outside of your core offering.  Regardless of your objectives, successful outsourcing partnerships begin with strategic alignment.  Our internal focus is on creating a shared vision for outsourcing success and transition management.  We establish a transition plan that handles governance, change implementation, stakeholder support and sustainable outsourcing management. We partner with outsourcing vendors worldwide to integrate our understanding of Organization Development and change with their knowledge of operating in the outsourced local environment.

Benefits include:

  • A unified approach
  • Global talent
  • Reduced overhead
  • Brand differentiation and competitive advantages
  • Flexible staffing
  • Timezone coverage
  • Operational efficiency gains and cost reductions
  • Improved performance and quality
  • Effective change management and implementation plans, processes, and resources
  • Stronger vendor relationship management and governance
  • Simplified navigation of the vendor selection and contract negotiation processes

gear   LAMAC® Outsourcing Services

We focus on transitioning an organization to an outsource model or a revised outsourcing model.  We are the client-side service agent providing overall transition management services: alignment, strategy, RFP review and change planning.

  • Strategy
    • Creating an executive vision for an outsourcing strategy
    • Developing a long-term plan for how outsourcing fits with your business model
    • Supporting business case development, cost-benefit analysis and ROI modeling
  • RFP Management
    • Providing outsource provider options
    • Submitting RFPs/RFQs
    • Facilitating location trade-off decision making
  • Knowledge Transfer
    • Process, system and knowledge mapping
    • Documentation transfer
    • Service level agreements
    • KPI and metric creation
  • Transition Program Management
    • Transition project charter and planning that addresses governance, stakeholder buy-in and sustainability
    • Risk identification and mitigation planning
    • Support implementing vendor management action plan
  • Change Management
    • Communications plans (public, internal, key stakeholders)
    • Cultural assessments
    • Organizational development and training
    • Organizational charting
    • Job description creation
    • Talent development action plans
    • Resistance and engagement management

gear   Preferred Partner Services

Connect with our North American, South American, Latin American, European and Asian partners with decades of experience in outsourced lab creation and management in the following areas:

  • Talent Recruitment
  • Payroll Processing
  • Invoice Management
  • Taxes and Benefits
  • Office Management
  • Performance Management
  • Technical Support
  • Local Vendor Relationship Oversight
  • Local Legal Environment and Market Trends