Tippers-N-Turners™ (TNT)

Tippers and Turners™ is our methodology for identifying, selecting and training change agents.  Think of Change in Motion® as the journey of a converting an idea from potential to reality and Tippers-N-Turners™ as the “dynamite” change guides who expedite the ride and inspire others to join the voyage.

CAMWho are ideal Tippers-N-Turners™?

In our experience, change agent teams have the optimal blend of creativity, planning skills and the ability to execute.
Like Malcolm Gladwell’s “Law of the Few”, which explains that a very select group of people is responsible for “tipping” an idea into a social epidemic, Tippers spread change. They create the vision. They share the story. They cascade the communications.
On the other hand, Turners steer the masses through the Change in Motion® journey. They provide the training. They provide the coaching and mentoring. While Tippers inspire belief and create awareness, Turners provide knowledge, create action and build confidence that the change can be actualized.

How do you identify Tippers-N-Turners™?

LAMAC® helps select change ambassadors that accelerate change adoption and tip your organization from current state to future state.
We combine Organizational Readiness assessments, Predictive Index behavioral and personality reviews and nominations based on program-specific missions and values to identify a team of change agents.

Do you train the change team?

Yes. We can train your change team. See our brochure or website page on Change in Motion® training.


In combination, Change in Motion® clears the path for your change journey and Tippers-N-Turners™ paves the road and sups up the engine.