Change in Motion®

Our Change in Motion® program management methodology couples project planning with people preparation at each step of the project life cycle.

Change in Motion® is a six phase program:

1. Calibrate- the team through a shared vision and metrics for success.
2. Assess- the organizational readiness to change.
3. Map- the high level course.
4. Engage- our navigators and passengers.
5. Route- trip milestones.
6. Audit- the journey.

C.A.M.E.R.A” is the lens through which we view change. 


First, we align the senior team with a shared vision. Once the basic concepts are established, LAMAC® will work with the project team and executive sponsor to kick off the project and establish key success metrics. We will examine everything from traditional “Why are we doing this?" metrics such as the project Return on Investment to people data like Key Performance Indicators. Metrics are important to us at LAMAC®. We want to ensure that you are not only getting a ROI for doing a project, but also a Return on Your Effort by eliciting change-supportive behaviors from staff throughout project execution.


Next is a deep dive assessment of the organizational readiness to drive change and properly manage the project planning process. This process allows us to customize training for all key decision makers and project team members. This is a highly interactive on location program that gets you started down the path of institutionalizing project and change management. Training ensures that the organization is committed to the initiative and that executives will actively participate in the change and project management process.


The purpose of high-level planning is to create documentation to guide project execution and project control and also to build people management plans. Selecting and training your change agents is a vital element for project success. As outputs of this phase, you will generate both a Project Plan and a People Management Framework to coach your sponsor, change agents and resisters.


Our phase four engagement addresses the question . . . “Do we have the support that we need?” During this process, we begin work stream planning with smaller groups and support functions. We focus on areas such as Training, Communications, Coaching and a special preparation session for the primary stakeholders or “customers” of the change.


Here we establish key milestones and progress reporting enabling the project team to stay on track and within budget for the duration of the project. We also create an early warning system to ensure that sponsors, key stakeholders and your steering committee team members are immediately alerted of any factors that deviate from your critical path schedule. Progress and status reporting continue all the way until project close.


Finally, at Project Wrap we are ready to celebrate your success and discuss the lessons learned. Through a detailed adoption measurement plan, we will reinforce the changes you have made along the way so that they stick with the organization long after project close. LAMAC® believes that people preparation for the next project begins at the end of the previous project. Our Audit program is a way for you to capture continuous learning and continuous commitment from your people.