gear   Change Built by Executives for Executives

  • We have walked in the Executive Sponsor’s shoes. Our executives have personally implemented business and community change adoption projects.
  • We can talk the talk. LAMAC® is a member of the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP), our Project Managers are certified from the Project Management Institute (PMI®), and our Coaches are certified in the Prosci ADKAR® Change Adoption Methodology, ACMP Certified Change Management Professional™ (CCMP™) or Change Management Professional Certification (CMP).
  • In addition, we walk the walk. Each account team includes leaders who sponsored numerous strategic initiatives throughout their executive management tenure. We customize our client teams to include Human Resources and Organization Development understanding as well as the knowledge of having to functionally lead a team through change as a Business Leader or Sponsor in Operations, Sales or Technology.

gear  A One-Stop Shop for Change

  • Change management is where most initiatives fail, which is why we created a 360- degree change service offering. We pride ourselves on offering a one-stop shop for change planning and management including: coaching, training, consulting, staff augmentation, recruitment, methodologies and tools.
  • We view all our consulting assignments through a change management lens, recognizing that even a great idea or solution will not be actualized if the change process is mismanaged. To market an idea, you have to change minds. Changing minds requires a lot of time, passionate leadership and perseverance.

gear  Organization Development Facilitation

  • In performance and management consulting, consultants and coaches diagnose “problems” based on their experience, skills and methods. They then provide the cure via their recommendations for management action. Unfortunately, this doctor-approach does not solicit management buy-in.  Instead, an Organization Development approach to consulting means that as consultants we facilitate the diagnosis process by gathering information from multiple stakeholders and searching for an agreement on solutions and approaches.
  • We also prefer to look at change as an opportunity to innovate, create and grow versus as a problem that needs to be solved. Asking organizations to instead dream big and leverage their strengths to advance and prosper.

gear   People Planning Methodologies and Tools

  • Our proprietary Change in Motion® program management methodology incorporates people preparation at every phase of an initiative. Our tools assist with task management too, but people must embrace executing against those tasks to achieve a Return on Investment.
  • Change in Motion® gives you the tools to recruit people, mobilize people and motivate people to adopt new ideas.

gear   An Adult Learning Approach

  • Our programs incorporate adult learning techniques. Adults learn by doing and want to learn what helps them to do their jobs better and faster. When deciding whether to assist or resist a strategic initiative, adults ask “What’s in this project for me?”
  • Our Change in Motion® programs are results-focused helping stakeholders to understand your business case for change, solve daily problems and draw from past experiences when acquiring new skills.

gear   Package-Based Consulting

  • Nothing is more frustrating than receiving bills for unknown time, materials, products and services.  Our package-based consulting options ensure that you know what our products, services and prices are from the onset of a job. We set expectations for working with us from day zero (during our free consultation).
  • You’ll receive monthly reports explaining where you are with your project status, what tools and products were utilized, and how much of your package retainer was exhausted.  You are welcome to upgrade, add-on, or customize packages to fit your project scope, initiative needs, and internal budget.