We offer change management consulting, organizational change readiness preparation and enterprise-wide change standardization services.  Our primary Change Management services are:

Executive Alignment

Executive Alignment

In-depth interviews with the executive team members followed by a report of findings on alignment with the business case for the project/change.


Communication Planning

A plan for communication from the executives and the project team. The plan includes the communication method, sender, receiver, time frame of delivery and purpose/intentions.

Stakeholder Review

Stakeholder Assessment

In depth interviews with key stakeholders, a report identifying project barriers, an audit of project documentation and creation of a stakeholder registry of primary, secondary and tertiary project parties.

Program Training


The plan for deployment of training required to successfully implement the change. It includes the schedule, timelines and names for trainers and trainees, materials used, games and activities, rooms where training will be conducted and all coordination activities.

Sponsor Roadmap

Sponsorship Roadmap

Tools to guide and coach the sponsor on how to support the initiative throughout the project lifecycle. Prepares the sponsor and facilitates the successful outcome of each change activity.



Group and individual coaching plans to help guide stakeholders through the change and the project methodology.

Change Readiness

Organizational Readiness

Audit of organizational readiness for change. Assesses maturity and culture of organization with change and project management principles.

Resistance Management

Resistance Management

Surveys, questionnaires, planning tools and categorization documents to help prepare for and manage resistance.



Strategic change deployment

To manage change you have to be the change you want to see in your organization. We give you the tools to know how to embrace change at all levels.  Our team members have sponsored and implemented projects as varied as system automation, merger and acquisition integration, facility start-ups and offshore team management. We don’t just have experience guiding other organizational transitions; we have lived it ourselves.



Embracing change

LAMAC’s change preparation and organizational readiness assessment program ensures that your team is aligned in the strategy, goals and objectives for your project and change from executive management to individual contributors.

Our Training Program addresses the following key aspects of change preparation:

Strategic Alignment- Do we have a shared vision for what we want to accomplish by when?

Skills Assessment- How experienced are we in running projects and leading change?

Shared Success Metrics- Are there defined and measurable metrics for a successful project that are shared by all key stakeholders?

Support Teams- Have we considered and included all parties?



Enterprise-wide change infrastructure

Did you know that some of the leading companies today now have C-Level Change Officers (CCO)?   Being able to adapt to change quickly and efficiently can be an enormous advantage in a competitive marketplace. LAMAC® can assist in creating an internal, external or hybrid change infrastructure that includes a permanent resource group dedicated to cross functionally analyzing and implementing change.

Some of the benefits that you can achieve are:

• Accelerate AdoptionHow quickly do people get on board?  The faster the speed of adoption, the quicker an organization begins to see a return on the change.

Maximize Usage How many people are on board?  The number of people who opt into change. The more people on board, the greater the return.

• Build Expertise How proficient are we?  The better people are at implementing the change, the greater the return.